Creative learning to inform,inspire, transform.


How much
fun are you?

The market is changing. So, too, are followers. No longer willing to be passive onlookers and readers, they want to be immersed in, and part of, the story. (Pssst. They want to be heroes.)

The task, then, for leaders, educators and other “way showers” is to leverage a new kind of strategic currency—designers and writers who can create experiences that inform, inspire and transform audiences.

Business calls it “engagement.” We call it fun.


Your challenge,
our creative canvas 


Are you game
to play?

CultureShape, LLC is a boutique, project-driven company that produces personal and professional development content. Our mission is to help organizations, associations and individuals inform, educate and/or inspire their audiences to be better leaders-employees-owners-stewards.

Our role in your story is to codify, simplify and translate often-dense educational content so that it is relevant for the times, timely for the task, and sinfully delicious for the audience.